Gaining Expertise in Gear Improvement in AxE: Alliance and Empire

Alliance and Empire

NEXON’s AxE: Alliance vs Empire is a mobile MMORPG with equipment enhancement as one of its defining features. In this guide, we will expound upon how to make the most out of this feature, offering up helpful advice and strategies to make your time playing the game more enjoyable.


Gaining an Insight into Gear Improvement

Making sure that gear reaches its full potential is a critical part of AxE: Alliance vs Empire. Players are able to access equipment enhancement early on, allowing them to strengthen their items and gain an advantage. Comprehension of the various enhancements and their mechanics is necessary for making the right choices and getting the best outcomes.

A number of upgrades are available in the game AxE: Alliance vs Empire. These improvements can help the player become more powerful and successful.

1. Level Advancement of Gear: Players have the ability to up the level of their equipment, thus boosting their overall capabilities.

2. Players are able to upgrade their best pieces of gear to the next level by using evolution stones. This will grant them enhanced properties, as well as additional potential.

3. Equipment Combination: Players can attain more powerful equipment by merging their top-tier gear with equivalent-level items. This will result in their equipment being raised to a higher tier.

4. Specialization: With the highest-level gear, players can randomly add extra features. Satim equipment can reach a maximum of 10 in specialization.

Option five is for Equipment Enhancement, allowing gamers to improve rare-tier or higher gear by increasing their core attributes and making them more combat-ready.

6. Inheritance of Gear: This feature allows gamers to transfer the enhancement levels from one piece of gear to another, thus permitting them to upgrade and maximize their equipment proficiently.

7. Taking Apart Gear: Players can get crafting materials and growth resources by taking apart crafting books and equipment, which can be useful for other enhancement activities.

Gaining Access to Additional Benefits from Attributes

As a player advances through the enhancing of their equipment, they unlock attribute bonuses that further boost their combat ability. The level and tier of the gear increases the scale of these attribute bonuses. In AxE: Alliance vs Empire, the equipment tiers are divided into six levels: Normal, High, Rare, Heroic, Legendary and Ultimate. Every tier has a maximum level, with higher tiers offering more robust attributes. Ultimate equipment is considered the highest level of power that is sought by all players due to its scarcity and extraordinary performance.

Receiving some helpful advice for bettering your equipment can be invaluable. Here are some essential tips to ponder when looking to upgrade:

1. Inside the Blacksmith Shop for Equipment Enhancement: Before attempting to improve any gear, make sure to check that the required resources are in your knapsack. Items that are locked or already equipped are not valid materials for upgrading.

2. Resource Acquisition: To finance your gear upgrades, accomplish tasks and beat boss monsters to gain money. Furthermore, dispose of equipment pieces you don’t need or clear the inventory by disposing of any extra equipment.

3. Take full advantage of the six free daily Equipment Chest openings accessible in the store. These chests will grant you with random pieces of equipment from normal to rare tiers. If you wish, you may spend in-game currency to acquire additional chests in an attempt to get more rare gear.

4. Logging in on a regular basis can earn you great rewards! Don’t forget to open the “Mail” feature when you sign in and collect your daily prizes. As a newcomer, you may be presented with a bunch of gear chests that will help build up your inventory.

5. Improving Abilities: It’s easy to underestimate the significance of improving your character’s abilities in AxE: Alliance vs Empire. These capabilities are key to executing potent strikes and picking up an edge during conflicts. Every class has its own distinct set of abilities, including normal skills, passive skills, and weapon skills.

– Normal Skills: As your character progresses to specific levels, these skills will be acquired automatically. They can be either an active or passive ability, providing various benefits like damage-dealing or support. Utilize skill points, which can be obtained every two levels from 8 and above, to upgrade your normal skills. Alternatively, you can purchase skill points with diamonds. If you need to, you can reset your skill point allocation at any moment to adjust your character’s capabilities to match various circumstances.

– Weapon Abilities: Only found on heroic-tier weapons or better, weapon abilities provide additional moves or powerful attacks when equipped. Every weapon has its own unique ability, allowing for a wide variety of playstyles for different classes.

In Summary

For all levels of players of AxE: Alliance vs Empire, equipping your character should not be forgotten. Even though the process can be lengthy, it is a key element in boosting your fight power. When you’re in need of a break from the monotony of equipping, opt for the Redfinger Android emulator to play this game on your PC and gain a unique gaming experience.

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